JMBS 88/200 & 50/200 Decking System

JMBS Steel decking of 88mm is suitable for Form-work and composite Roof / Floor decking to cast 50-100mm thick (over the crest) slabs.
The 88-200 profile configuration of the deck sheeting imparts high strength and stability, thereby permitting the provision of usage of relatively lighter sheeting and sheet span ability up to 3.0mtr. This results in substantial reduction in the cost of purlins. JMBS Deck sheeting is of CRCA, Galvanized sheet and pre painted galvanized steel.
The capability of 88mm depth sheet for the wider spans has been tested at TOR Steel Research Center, Bangalore, and the test certificates, if required, shall be provided. The full economic benefits can be availed of our roof decking system when our system is incorporated at the design stage itself.

  • Strongest and sturdiest deck sheeting profile available in India.
  • High load carrying capacity due to profile configuration.
  • Possibility of lesser gauge material usage.
  • Wide purlin spacing upto 3m, resulting in substantial saving of structural cost.
  • Shuttering not required.
  • Also available in 50/200.
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Technical Specification
Standard Specification
Coil Width 457mm
Material Thickness 0.4 to 0.6mm
Effective Width 390mm
Required length to cover 1sqm 2.56 rmt

Sectional Strength
Material Thickness(mm) Weight Weight Load Span(meters)
Kg/m Kg/m2 Ix(cm⁴/m) Zx(cm3/m) Single span/Double span/Multi span(kg/m2)
          1.5 2.5 3.0 4.0
0.6 4.51 7.49 74.18 16.86 863/971/1294 485/546/728 310/349/466 209/242/323
0.8 5.95 9.87 98.66 22.42 1148/1291/1722 645/726/968 413/464/619 287/322/430
1.0 7.39 12.27 123.02 27.96 1431/1610/2147 805/905/1207 515/579/773 357/402/536
* Dimension are typical/nominal, and are subject to tolerances.
* Information provided above is based on technical calculations, is for guidance/estimation purpose and does not constitute a specification.