Value Add Ons

  • Site Roll Form

    JMBS have pioneered the concept of on-site forming of sheets in India. For large projects, we offer on-site roll-forming facility to extrude single length sheets more than 100 meters long , directly on to the roof, hence avoiding any longitudinal overlaps and ensuring no water leakage through back ingress of water.
    This unique feature makes it possible to avoid overlap joints, reap the benefits of multi-span load distributions, obtain virtually flat roof with 3 in 100 slope.
    On-site forming with simultaneous installation means savings in construction time and costs, as well as complete control & flexibility to the client/Project Manager.

  • Crimped Roofing
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    JMBS crimp curved roofing is another aspect of JMBS creativity. The crimp curved is aesthetically pleasing along with better structural elements. The 88-200 crimp curved is the favourite of those who seek beauty in their buildings. Crimping adds strength to roofing, thus making it a structural designers’ favourite. Crimped roof sheets are supplied in custom lengths. The crimp further adds to economy by allowing higher purlin spacing, thus minimising structural steel costs. All our accessories can be fixed onto a crimp curved roof making it a complete product.

  • Re-Roofing

    JMBS metal roofing system is also ideal for re roofing. RCC roof, tiled roof, asbestos roof or even metal sheet roofing that either have water leakage problems or that has to be changed due to statutory requirements, can be installed without causing any hindrance to the activity beneath the roof.
    We have developed a new light weight re-roofing system that provides solution to the re roofing problems. This system has been successfully adopted in various significant buildings for Defence establishments, Factories, Ware houses, Educational Institutions and many more.

  • Solar Roofing

    As part of our green initiative we are proud to offer solar panels that can be fixed onto any of our existing profile sheets. Solar roofing will help our clients reduce their electricity costs substantially especially in terms and lighting and cooling requirements. Also you will be putting less pressure on the State grids and using less non-renewable sources of energy.