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Safety Policy

We consider the safety of our staff and contractors to be of paramount importance, whilst keeping in mind the stringent International safety regulations that our clients and we adhere to.

In this regard safe working conditions are achieved through:

.     Safe tools

.     Safe working method

.     Safety Equipment like Shoes/Belts etc. for personal safety to workers

.     Use of scaffolding where ever required

.     Hygiene and First Aid maintained at project site

.     Personnel deployed specifically for Health & Safety at site

Quality Standards

We are committed to meet the stated expectations of our customers, through well designed and established service delivery systems that are sensitive and accommodative to continuous technology up gradation and value analysis.

To achieve this goal, our impetus is towards the following:

.     Optimal Utilization of men, machine, finance and resources.

.     Efficient management of logistics.

.     Planning systems for effective implementation.

.     Strong organizational support through human resource development.

.     Adherence to project completion schedules.

.     Development of reliable vendors for a higher degree of Quality Assurance. 

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